Lujbljana, Slovenia - 29th and 30. 11. 2012

Professor McNamara and Professor Franchi in Ljubljana

                                  TWO DAY PROGRAMME

              Thursday, 29th of November 2012
James A. McNamara
A 30-year perspective on orthodontic treatment: lesson
Clinical significance of the studies on experimental animals
Approaching the Class II patient with effective treatment
Orthodontics vs growth modification, maxillary
Upper molar distalization vs mandibular advancement
The reasoned appraisal of the outcomes of functional ap-
The role of maxillary expansion and of the transpalatal arch
The "spontaneous" correction of Class II malocclusion
Treatment timing for Class II correction
The possibilities in the young adult
Clinical management of the orthodontic treatment in
search for excellence

                  Friday, 30th of November 2012
Lorenzo Franchi
New frontiers in the treatment of Class III malocclusion
Bone-anchored maxillary protraction vs classical RME
and facial mask therapy
Maxillary expansion/constriction prior to maxillary pro-
traction: an effective pathway of enhanced correction
Treatment timing for Class III correction and long term
Growth modification vs orthognathic surgery:
new possibilities

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