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Bulgarian Orthodontic Society (BOO) is a voluntary association of orthodontic specialists and dentists - or practitioners with an interest in the field of orthodontics.

The main objectives of the association are to promote the development of orthodontic theory and practice in orthodontics qualifications of dentists in Bulgaria and to organize national and international scientific orthodontic events.

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Latest News & Events

IV CONGRES of Balkan Association of Orthodontic Specialist ( BAOS )
10 - 13 September 2020 Sofia - Bulgaria
Lectors : Prof. Mosghos Papadopoulos, Dr. Gorgio Fiorelli, Prof. Gabriela Chuchkova, Prof. Abbas Zaher, Dr. Heinz Winsauer

annual meeting of BOS - September 27, 2014
National Meeting of Bulgarian Orthodontic Society

The annual National Meeting of Bulgarian Orthodontic Society will take place on September 27, 2014.

Hotel Balkan, Sofia

Invited speaker is Dr. Pablo Esharri

National Meeting of Bulgarian Orthodontic Society
Sofia Hotel "Balkan" 15 September 2018
Lector : James A. McNamara DDS, MS, PhD

Topic :  "Seeking efficient and effective Dentofacial Orthopedics : Lessons learned along the way"

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Ортодoнтски преглед

Том 10 , Книжка 1 , Година 2008

това е съдържанието на списанието.

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